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2022 Bengal Symposium

Passage through the Place of Peace: Interwoven Histories of Bengali Modernism

Picking up from our 2021 capstone event with the Neubauer Collegium, the Interwoven team proceeds with its ongoing research activities in India between December 11–21, 2022 with funding from the University of Chicago Center in Delhi and the University of Chicago's Committee on Southern Asian Studies. The team will orchestrate a series of tours, site visits, classroom visits, study days, performances, lectures, and roundtable discussions in Kolkata and Shantiniketan in West Bengal as well as in Delhi, culminating in retrospective and future planning sessions at the Center in Delhi. All throughout, the team will be reflecting on the themes of Bengali modernism and modern moments in the history of Bengal in both relatively public and private forms of art, architecture, theater, music/song, and education. Follow and connect with us on Instagram for ongoing updates and information on the symposium and Interwoven's future research activities!  

For more information about the Symposium's schedule of public events, view the public events page.  

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