Interwoven  lays the foundations of a new paradigm for understanding movement, practice, materiality, and embodiment as constituting factors of social relations across long temporal arcs and geographic itineraries unbounded by national borders in the Indian Ocean region. The project builds upon and extends a strong base of interdisciplinary collaborations that the participants, together with colleagues from North America, Europe, and South Asia, have developed over the past three years in workshops at the University of Chicago and in South Asia. Those workshops, on sonic and visual culture in South Asia, have called for the integrated and multidisciplinary approach to an expanded field of practices and objects, which will provide the basis for a performance, exhibition, and multimedia publication that establish a new paradigm for understanding the arts in the Indian Ocean region. This expanded field will enable the participants to produce a robust understanding of the historical significance of the diverse artistic practices in the region, and the complex ways they helped shape local and transregional cultures.

Research Team

Niall Atkinson

Associate Professor of Art History, Romance Languages and Literature, and the College, University of Chicago


Philip Bohlman

Philip Bohlman, Ludwig Rosenberger Distinguished Service Professor in Jewish History, Department of Music and the Humanities in the College, University of Chicago


James Nye

Bibliographer for Southern Asia, retired, and Associate in the Humanities Division, University of Chicago


Laura Ring

Librarian for Southern Asia and Anthropology, University of Chicago Library


Anna Schultz

Associate Professor of Music and the Humanities, University of Chicago

Anna Schultz.jpeg

Anna Seastrand

Assistant Professor of Art History, University of Minnesota; 2017–2021 Neubauer Collegium Visiting Fellow


Research Collaborators

Ronit Ghosh

Dual-PhD Student, Departments of Music and South Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago

Ronit Headshot.jpg

Tomal Hossain

PhD Student in Ethnomusicology, Department of Music, University of Chicago

Tomal Headshot.png